Cost Reduction – The Map All Ambitious COOs Should Know

Market conditions become more unpredictable, so how do you ensure bottom-line resilience? Many of the seasoned COOs we’ve worked with continually highlight the necessity of proactive planning. They don’t just speak of intentions; they emphasize the value of a concrete strategy that can be visualized, followed, and executed. But how? What is a cost reduction […]

Staffing flexibility – 4 principles you should know

I just got home from a great workshop with a client.The main topic was to increase the agility in their supply chain. A major part of that is how to achieve higher staffing flexibility. Here are 4 key takeaways from the solution we developed: Know your flexibility need Recognizing that our forecasts are inherently uncertain, […]

Carsten Effler joining ChangeForce

We are thrilled to announce that Carsten Effler has joined ChangeForce as a Partner and will be taking on the pivotal role of Managing Partner in Germany. His mission is to spearhead the development and lead our burgeoning German branch. Carsten arrives at ChangeForce with an impressive track record, having held a series of senior […]